Aukey 3 in 1 Clip-on Lens Kit

I’ve always wanted to experiment with clip on lenses on my smartphone, but I’ve never really jumped in to it. Then I found this Aukey 3 in 1 Lens Kit on Amazon for a great price so I thought, “Let’s give these a try”

The lens system uses these very simple plastic clips with a rubber grip on one side and a Lego hand-looking piece that holds the lens on the other side. The clip is fairly easy to adjust and plenty long enough to reach the location of my camera on the upper middle-back area of my HTC One M9. It will easily reach an iPhone camera which sits high in the upper corner of the device.  I was skeptical about the simplicity of the design, but it really does work well.

imag6527.jpgThe glass lenses are housed in aluminum and are well constructed. I have already dropped them several times and there is little to no visible damage. That is one drawback of the clip. The lenses slide in easily, but they also slide out with ease upon removal from the phone. If you’re not careful you’ll be dropping them quite frequently too.

I found the easiest way to tote the lenses around over the weekend was to just clip them to my shirt collar. The rubber grip secured them nicely and they never fell off while I attended a baseball game with my family.

imag6468.jpgSo how can these lenses improve your smartphone camera experience? Well the macro lens really provides nice close up details. I’ve enjoyed shooting pictures of various coffee beans just to pick up some detail. But my favorite picture may be of some graph paper. You can actually see the fibers that make up the pulp of the paper. wp-1461648381276.jpgI was really impressed by that. The wide angle lens attaches to the macro and makes for a nice attachment when you don’t have enough room to back up and capture everything.

The fisheye lens offers a really cool aquarium effect. At first I experimented with big spaces, a baseball field for example. But then I found that it really works great with your subject in the foreground nice and close. It sort of drapes the background of your shot around your subject. This effect should work well with kids or your dog. wp-1461648471514.jpg

I love finding low priced tech to boost my existing devices and this Aukey device does the trick. The lens kit can be found on Amazon for around twenty bucks. You really can’t go wrong at that price.

My kids love shooting pictures almost as much as I do. They are going to have a great time playing with these lenses on our next trip to the zoo. I love seeing the world through their eyes and these lenses will help them see the world a little bit differently next time.

Aukey continues to make great consumer electronic accessories with this 3 in 1 clip-on lens kit. Be forewarned that the clips may not work well with some of the bulkier cases out there, but they fit nicely regardless of the operating system. I had fun experimenting with my Android device and my friend enjoyed testing them on his iPhone.

I’d love some more tips and tricks to try with these lenses, so drop a comment and share what you know.





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