Roaster Review: Chord Coffee


I am always on the hunt for new roasters and great specialty coffee. I love finding someone new, someone local, someone to share with my friends. Recently I struck up a conversation with Chord Coffee. And here we are with a review of this up and coming coffee roaster.

IMG_20170312_102353_542Chord Coffee was kind enough to send me a sample of their Nicaragua Regalo de Dios washed coffee. Regalo de Dios…A gift from God…man that is some name to live up to…surprisingly the coffee delivered. As soon as I opened the bag I got a beautiful sweet smell from the beans.

I’ve prepared these beans via Kalita Wave and Hario v60. I’ve gotten great results with both methods. The coffee came out cinnamon in color with little to no bitterness. From the second you open the bag you can smell the sweetness in the coffee. It is quite evident in the cup as well. The aftertaste is quite nice, it made me want to keep sipping all morning.

IMAG3079The strongest flavor notes I got were nutmeg, clove, orange, caramel, and pineapple. The sweetness of the pineapple was the strongest flavor to me. It reminded me of how the sweetness can bite the back of your throat when eating a pineapple wedge. Caramel was also noticeable in the sweetness, along with the orange notes and acidity. The spices I got most from the cup were nutmeg and clove which fit with that sweet and sting combination.

Chord Coffee sells their bags online only, no storefront at the moment. The coffee bags are 200g in weight. That’s the equivalent of about 10 cups of coffee. They are reasonably priced at $10 per bag, regardless of the coffee bean. This allows you to get through a bag without it going stale on you as well. Since they are rather new to the roasting game, I’d imagine prices will increase as they grow, so take advantage of the current rate and give this roaster a shot!

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